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Spa Manicure

  • Removal of polish, filing and shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, moisturizing, scented sugar scrub for exfoliation of dead skin cells, warm paraffin wax dip, relaxing massage of lower arms and hands, and choice of polish.  Will take about 45 mins. to an hour.

Price: $27.00

Shellac Spa Manicure

    • Shellac is a Hybrid Gel Polish developed by Creative Nail Design (CND).  It is applied just like polish, but is cured onto the natural nail. This gel polish is unique in that no buffing off the natural shine of the nail is needed and leaves your nail in its original condition.  Under normal wearing conditions/circumstances, it could wear for up to 14 days with no chipping.
    • The removal process only takes 4-5 minutes by soaking off with acetone.  This is truly the answer to keeping your polish on your natural nails for longer period of time.  Includes the same steps for Spa Manicure service listed above.  Will take about an hour.

Price: $37.00

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