"not a typical nail salon"

A Nail Studio Like No Other

Cheryl’s Place is unique in many ways.  Not only are Manicures, Pedicures, and Nail Enhancements offered, but the following features set this studio apart from other “typical” nail salons:

Appointment times are available from Tuesday through Saturday. Appointments are only taken so that your time is devoted to you.  Be sure to call 405-613-5930 to schedule an appointment.

Please visit the list of services for details and prices.

American Owned and Locally Operated

  • This makes it easy for you to communicate what you want and also makes for having pleasant conversations during your service. Since this is locally operated you will be supporting a local small business.

Emphasis on Cleanliness

  • This is a very important part of providing service to clients for their health and well being. All implements and pedicure tubs are sanitized and disinfected.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Providing the service you want without sacrificing quality is key. Your satisfaction and getting what you want is important, but also guiding you with years of professional experience is also important. Your appointment time is devoted to you, one client at a time. No overbooking and making clients wait. Your time is yours!

Quality Products

  • High quality nail professional products are used. No skimping by using cheap products that aren’t designed to be used on nails. This is very important in looking out for your health. Using products that aren’t designed for use on nails can affect your health.

Odorless Environment

  • There are quality, professional nail products out there that don’t have an odor. A nail salon doesn’t have to have to be smelly and overpowering when you walk through the door. Using odorless products ensures clients will maintain their health and makes for a more pleasant visit and service.

Nail Enhancements

  • Nail enhancements shouldn’t look fake or artificial. They should look natural. This means that each client’s nails are shaped and filed for what looks best on them and within what client wants. No two sets of hands are the same.

Private/Semi-Private Rooms

  • Rooms are private to semi-private, with plenty of room. This allows for an atmosphere of peace and quiet so the client can relax from daily stresses.

Cozy Atmosphere

  • The décor is visually inviting and appealing to encourage relaxation.

No Drama or Gossip

  • Committed to being professional which includes no drama or gossip, which also keeps the attention on the client.

Special Attention

  • Extra steps are taken in providing items to pamper clients; such as, massage mat for pedicure chair, relaxation music for pedicures, refreshing drinks during services, etc.


As you can see there are many ways in which Cheryl’s Place, A Nail Studio is unique from the “typical” nail salons.  Come visit and see for yourself what makes this nail salon unique in the nail industry.  Located at 3722 N.W. 50th, West of N. Portland on N.W. 50th, just off of I-44, Oklahoma City, OK.

Contact Info
3722 N.W. 50th
Oklahoma City, Ok