I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard  “it was painful, my fingers were sore, my skin was bleeding, fingers were throbbing, etc, when I got my nails/pedicure service at such and such place.  There are so many of those experiences out there and it pains me to hear them, because it isn’t the norm and is 100% avoidable.  Getting a manicure, gel polish manicure/pedicure, nail enhancements or a pedicure SHOULD NOT, ever, ever, ever be painful, leave you bleeding or your fingers/toes throbbing in pain……EVER!  Did I say EVER?  I am not saying that there may be an occasional, accidental nip or a friction reaction, but that is totally different than what I am talking about.

Using proper equipment with the proper procedures ensures that when you get nail services this WILL NOT happen to you.  If a nail tech has received the PROPER education and CARES about you, your nail service will be relaxing and pampering, as it should be.

If you go somewhere and you are receiving a painful service, my suggestion to you is……..LEAVE!!  When you have told them not once, but twice that it hurts and they continue doing it………….LEAVE!!  Stop the service and walk out and do not pay for the service.  Let them know what they are doing is unacceptable.  Do not be concerned about hurting their feelings.  They evidently don’t care about hurting you.

At Cheryl’s Place, I care about you and want you to have a relaxing, pampering nail service.  When someone nods off when I’m doing a pedicure or when they say, “wow, that wasn’t painful at all”  that is a HUGE compliment to me and it assures me that I am doing my job in making my client feel good.  Nail Services should be relaxing, pampering and make you feel good, not leave in pain.