It is VERY important that medical questions be asked, of a client, by a nail tech when receiving natural nail services.  Nail services should be individualized since no one has the same medical issues.  What should be asked?  Here are a few of the health issues nail techs need to know about:

1.  Heart Issues

2.  High Blood Pressure

3.  Diabetic

4.  Pregnant

5.  Neuropathy

6.  Taking blood thinner/aspirin, etc.

The reason these questions should be asked prior to your first visit is that certain steps have to be changed or improvised in receiving nail services so you receive safe nail services.  Here is why:

1.  Heart Issues/High Blood Pressure – massage technique should be changed to a lighter technique if client has these issues.

2.  Diabetes – Using sharp objects should be minimized so that no cutting of the skin accidentally occurs.  Water temperature has to be adjusted for pedicures.  No salt scrub should be used and minimal sugar scrub or exfoliation should be done.  Light massage can be done and jets on pedicure whirlpool should be turned on a low setting.

3.  Pregnancy –  Depending on what trimester client is in water temperature should be adjusted and massage technique has to be lightened up.  If it is a trouble pregnancy, nail services can be given, but some techniques have to be adjusted throughout the whole pregnancy.

4.  Neuropathy – Since the nerves in the feet have no feeling pedicures services have to be adjusted just like with diabetics.

5.  Blood thinners – Should be known so that in case of accidental nip of the skin the nail tech will know what to do to stop the bleeding.  Care with sharp objects should be taken in knowing the client takes blood thinners.

If you are going somewhere to get nail services and these questions are not being asked of you, then you should be very concerned that they are not individualizing your services based on your needs.